Come at me!



posted by Gabriel on September 14, 2007 at 12:08 AM

My middle name is Edward.

posted by marc b. on September 14, 2007 at 12:32 AM

Your story about the phone call reminds me of that Raymond Carver story, "Whoever was using this bed".

Poor guy. I hope he found Lois.

posted by michele howley on September 14, 2007 at 10:03 AM

but you don't know me. but i hope you write my name anyway! i like the idea of my name is a random notebook across the world.

Leslie Noelle Ziani

posted by squindia on September 14, 2007 at 10:11 AM

Do you realize what an honor it would be to most people to know you had written their name?

Of all the beautiful things you write, to spend even a moment doing that is such a touching gesture.

You are one apart, Sarah Brown.

posted by teensleuth on September 14, 2007 at 12:06 PM

I wonder how many trees you murder a year. (c;

posted by Becca Boo on September 14, 2007 at 01:09 PM

Sarah, I feel terrible that your beautiful post was wasted on the person who made the above comment. Who are these sick people who think trees are more important than people?

posted by Julia on September 14, 2007 at 01:44 PM

It's okay. Becca is my cousin. She is just kidding around. But she has a point. This list-making, it's been going on for years.

posted by Sarah Brown on September 14, 2007 at 01:47 PM


posted by JZ on September 14, 2007 at 03:30 PM

My entire sophomore year at college, this poor father would leave messages for his daughter on my voice mail (despite my message saying it was Casey's voice mail). I cried when I heard the one he left for her birthday, telling her how proud he was of her. I hope she had a good birthday, whichever dorm room she was in, and I hope she called her daddy every once in awhile. He seemed like a good guy.

posted by Casey on September 14, 2007 at 05:31 PM

I can't believe that this wonderful comment string is being polluted by people defending people for reasons of nepotism!

posted by aerosol on September 14, 2007 at 07:18 PM

You goddamn well have better written my name.

posted by Joe on September 14, 2007 at 07:25 PM

part of me wishes you were like, "george?" and then met him for a drink or a coffee or something. it's like a paul auster novel and the only i love reading more than paul auster novel is you, sarah brown.

posted by Amy Shapiro on September 14, 2007 at 11:07 PM

Sorry to make you feel sad Julia. I love Sarah Brown and know how special she really is. I even wrote an essay about her recently about her and her awesomeness, shhh don't tell. I just like to make fun of Sarah sometimes, mostly it's because she's a disgustingly wonderful writer, and I sadly, am not. Smileys always mean I'm laughing and totally kidding!

posted by Becca Boo on September 15, 2007 at 11:14 AM

I only wish someone would say my name like that.

posted by All Adither on September 15, 2007 at 11:02 PM

I wonder if he would have laughed and made you feel better if you'd said "Clark?"

posted by EV on September 16, 2007 at 09:11 AM

That broke my heart.

posted by Lisa on September 16, 2007 at 12:44 PM

it could have been indigestion. or the fact that he didn't recognize your voice. either way, keep

posted by on September 16, 2007 at 02:48 PM

I am a full name writer-outer sometimes, too. I like to check my penmanship occasionally to make sure I haven't become a serial killer. Also, it's relaxing.

posted by MaryT on September 16, 2007 at 10:08 PM

To Becca, sorry I missed the smiley. Just defending Sarah - and her beautiful post!

posted by Julia on September 17, 2007 at 11:07 AM

When I was little and I couldn't sleep, I'd take my notebook and write down a bunch of last names -- some I'd just get from my head, some would be names I just liked, and some I'd get from the TV Guide. Then I covered those last names up with a piece of paper and wrote a bunch of first names down, all just randomly, next to where the last names were. Then I took the piece of paper away, and I had a bunch of complete names, first and last, like a school roll call or something. It used to make me so happy when I'd created a beautiful name like Isabella Scarborough. And then sometimes, if I STILL couldn't sleep, I'd draw pictures of how all these people looked, all lined up like it was a school picture. You could maybe try that sometime too.

(PS: my middle name is Angelika. Angelika is fun to write.)

posted by Nothing But Bonfires on September 17, 2007 at 01:04 PM

Most aching beautiful 201 word essay I've ever read.

posted by SheilaO on September 17, 2007 at 02:11 PM

A poignant moment to share.

posted by jewaira on September 21, 2007 at 04:22 AM

God, I hope he finds Lois.

posted by aimee/greeblemonkey on September 23, 2007 at 11:18 AM

I gotta tell you Ms. Brown, my crush on you grows daily.

posted by Ari on September 25, 2007 at 04:58 PM